Summer Holiday School Sign Audit

school safety signsSchool Summer Safety Signage Audit

The fast approaching school summer break may bring a sigh of relief to students and some teachers as they disappear off onto their holidays, but for some it is a great time to take stock, plan for the new academic year ahead and think about changes that can be made to the school premises.

Its an ideal time while the building is quiet to carry out a school safety sign audit. The building, grounds and car parks will be easier to access during this time and provides the ideal opportunity to audit your school signage.

Making sure signs are present, in good condition and correct to the latest legislation. Take time to walk around your premises, include the playground, games areas or playing field and car & bike parks.  It may take a couple of trips round if you have a large or complicated building layout. Note all your existing fire and safety signs. Do you have all the necessary signs covered by legislation? While it isn’t yet a requirement to change all your existing safety signs to the new ISO 7010 versions, the advice is not to mix signage from different legislative standards. Best practice recommends, if changes or additions are needed, updating to the most recent standard (more info).

Also the summer can be a time when there maybe a need to increase security to your grounds or buildings, an empty school yard is a tempting hangout, increased security signage can be enough of a deterrent to keep school property vandalism free .

 What condition are your safety signs in? Safety signs over time can become dirty or damaged and several environmental factors can effect your signs. Signs in areas of high traffic can become dirty quickly. Make sure all signs are clean and clear and can be easily read, and cleaned where needed. If they are illegible and beyond cleaning replace them where necessary.
The holidays are often the time when building renovations and redevelopments take place. School signs will need to be replaced after any repainting. Classrooms will sometimes need to beschool signs repurposed, as schools change to accommodate the new intake, make sure the signs are changed or updated appropriately. In many counties throughout the UK, schools are changing. Many are moving from first and middle schools to ‘through’ primaries or becoming Academies. Thought will have to be given to how the new school will present itself, signage is the ideal way to communicate school identity messages. The start of a new term can be an anxious time for new pupils, clear way-finding signage can help to alleviate worries about getting lost in the new and strange school.
Stocksigns has been working with schools for many years building up an understanding of the unique challenges faced by teachers and local authorities. We have created some education sign resources to help schools get the best from their signage. See the links below for our school signs guides.
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