Tips for the Care and Installation of Vitreous Enamel Signs

Care & Installation of Vitreous Enamel signs

1    What is Vitreous enamel?

    Vitreous enamel is a glass-like coating which is fused onto steel at
    temperatures of 750-860 degrees C
    The enamel will exhibit all of the properties associated with glass including :
         •Hardness                                          •Colour Stability
         •Scratch & Graffiti Resistance           •Fire Resistance

care of vitreous enamel signs2     Vitreous enamel signs need to be carefully treated as if they were glass:

    a)    Carefully remove signs & any fixings from packaging.

    b)     Handle with care using protective gloves as there may be sharp edges & avoid dropping or hitting the signs.

    c)     Use stainless steel, brass or zinc coated fixings.

    d)     Ensure a soft protective washer ( plastic or fibre ) is used at all fixing points between the fixing & the sign surface.

    e)   Do not drill or enlarge holes as this will crack the enamel

    f)      Clean every two months with mild soapy water – ensuring there are no abrasives or grit on the cloth or sponge . For  stubborn marks use a non    abrasive bathroom cleaner.

3     Installation of Vitreous Enamel Signs

    a)    An enamelled sign pantray with return edges should never be fixed directly onto a hard or rough surface – the installation of vitreous enamel signslocalised compression which could occur on high points may cause chipping or spalling & possibly cause corrosion on the return edge.
    b)     Where an enamelled sign has to be fixed to an uneven or rough surface it should be spaced off from that surface to avoid localised pressure points.
    c)     If the sign is to be installed in a coastal or corrosive environment additional protection will be needed to the sign edge if slight corrosion is to be avoided. Edges of enamelled signs are  difficult to completely coat with enamel and so additional protection against corrosion may be equired. Protection can be given by exterior mastic, waterproof tape  or a rubber or plastic moulding. Alternatively the edge can be protected & hidden by an outer frame. Our technical sales department will be fixing vitreous enamel signshappy to advise.protecting vitreous enamel signs For more information about Vitreous Enamel signage contact our sales team at