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The annual UBM Safety & Health Expo has moved to Excel, London this year and will be held on 17th – 19th June. Why not pop along and visit us on Stand O2101and hear the latest legislation and product news for safety signage.

More reasons to visit the Safety & Health Expo 2014?

  • Discover and trial the latest innovations,
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Visit FIVE additional shows related to your risk and compliance needs with just one badge, including Facilities Show, Energy & Environment Expo, Firex International, Service Management Expo and IFSEC International.

What No Smoking signs do I need to comply with Legislation?

It’s been a little while now since the introduction of the UK Smoking Legislation so here is a little reminder of the signage you are required to display in order to comply.

The 1st July 2007 saw the implementation of a total smoking ban in al enclosed public places, work places and certain vehicles in the UK. THe smoke free legislation means that it is an offence not to display the appropriate No Smoking signs, resulting in fines up to £1000. It will also be an ofence for managers of smoke free premises to permit others to smoke with the premises, carrying a fine of up to £2500.

For England, the smoke-free regulations 2007 require premises covered by the legislation display a sign which is at least A5 in size, which displays the no smoking symbol and contains text that can be easily read by people entering the building. The text should read (In England and Northern Ireland) “No Smoking, These are no smoking premises. It is against the law to smoke in these premises.”

In Scotland the text is slightly different, “No Smoking, These are no smoking premises. It is an offence to smoke or knowingly to permit smoking on these premises.”

“These premises” maybe replaced by a more specific word such as “hotel”. Any vehicle which is covered by the regulations must display a no smoking symbol in each compartment of the vehicle that may carry persons.

If you are looking for signs to help prevent people from smoking on your premises, please visit our “no smoking signs” section.

Fire Action Notices Conveying Evacuation Procedures Effectively

Fire action notices can contain several texts which are in common use but may not be appropriate for all circumstances but there are certain messages that should be included. There are four significant areas that need to be addressed.

1.       Raising the Alarm.

This should advise of the most appropriate method of action whether this be by operating the nearest fire alarm call point, calling 999, verbally or by any other alarm procedure used in there evacuation procedure.

2.      Fire Brigade.

The fire brigade is often called automatically through the alarm system, however it may be necessary to call the fire brigade manually. Your Fire Action notice may also give additional information which you would be required to pass on to the operator, such as telephone number and exact location details.

3.       Assembly Point

A blank space is provided for details of the nearest assembly point. An assembly point is usually a static safe area marked with the appropriate signage. For premises that have no clear area to use as a regular assembly point mobile extendable fire assembly point signs can be used to guide occupants to the designated safe area.

4.       Additional Instruction

It is customary to include further instructions such as “do not stop to collect personal belongings” or “ do not return to the building for any reason until authorised to do so”.

More specific information can be included for example there can be precise instructions in buildings which have lifts, or for houses that have multiple occupancy.

Where should you display your fire action notices?

Best practice suggests fire action notices should be displayed next to every fire alarm call point and next to the final fire exits. This gives the relevant information at a glance to the person raising the alarm and any further action that maybe required.

There are two distinct styles of fire action notice, one the traditional blue and red sign with written instructions and the other incorporating graphic symbols in line with BS EN ISO 7010. Both of which meet current legislation however the graphic symbol version is growing in popularity due to the effectiveness of relaying information quickly through symbols which would be critical in an evacuation situation.

Please read our post “Where to Position Fire Signs” for more information and advice on where to display fire safety signs for maximum visibility.