CE Certified Road Traffic Signs, we have you covered.

Here at Stocksigns Ltd, we are always looking to improve our products and services so that we can provide you with exceptional personal service. So, we are pleased to share with you all that the latest change to our service is a shorter lead time for CE Certified Road Traffic Signs.

Before today, the lead time on our CE Traffic Signs was 10 to 12 working days (that is not very exceptional is it now!?). So we have invested in new machinery, software, training, and processes to enable a faster lead time of just 2 to 3 working days!

The many benefits of our CE Traffic Sign Range.

  • 2-3 working days lead time.
  • Bulk discounts.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Made by a fully accredited and Certified Manufacturer
  • Long-lasting high-quality signs
  • All our Traffic signs online and in the catalogue are made to CE Specifications
  • Every type of CE sign available from warning road traffic signs and directional traffic to speed limit signs.
CE Road traffic sign

More about CE Certified Road Traffic Signs

We often see the letters of CE on products we purchase, whether that’s on electrical products, construction products, windows/shower screens, and children’s toys. (It’s all I can now see as I tidy my children’s toys and put them back in the correct boxes! )

CE marking is a self-certification scheme to demonstrate that products comply with relevant European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation. When a product is CE marked, it means that the manufacturer has verified compliance with the essential health and safety requirements as indicated in the applicable European product directives and regulations.

In regards to CE Marking of Road Traffic Signs, simply put; every permanent road sign installed on any public highway must be CE Certified.

The standard which needs to be adhered to is EN 12899-1-2007. ARTSM (Association for road traffic safety and management), of which Stocksigns is a member, is the trade body for companies that manufacture and supply traffic signs in the UK. You can read their guide on CE Marking of Road Traffic Signs here. https://artsm.org.uk/media/Guidance-on-CE-Marking-130913.pdf

You can shop our range of CE signs here.