Electronic Cigarettes Signs New From Stocksigns


electric cigarettes signsNew Electronic Cigarettes Signs.

Stocksigns has introduced a new range of electronic cigarettes signs. While the debate rages on about whether electronic cigarettes will save lives or lead to non-smokers becoming potential smokers, one thing is for sure they are here to stay (for the time being anyway, although The World Health Organisation, is campaigning to have the use of electronic cigarettes outlawed in public places).

Current no smoking legislation does not cover electronic cigarettes and it is at present up to individual companies to decide on their own policies. During this transition period, and while legislation catches up, we are now offering a range of electronic cigarettes signs. Four new electronic cigarettes signs have been created allowing different combinations of regular no smoking and electronic cigarette permissions. These signs are now available from our web shop (click on the images below for details) or call our Sales Team on 01737 77 40 72 for more details.

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