Stocksigns ideas to help build your green credentials

Many companies are committed to recycling and purchasing non-toxic supplies, but they still work in buildings whose materials, electrical systems and waste systems were in place long before being “eco” became the business buzz word of the moment and before the economic benefits of being green were truly understood. Different companies will have different factors to consider when improving their green credentials. For example a solicitors firm will have different concerns than a construction site. But one way they can improve their green impact is through replacing their environmentally unfriendly electrical signs with photoluminescent fire exit signs. Electrical fire safety signs are environmentally unfriendly due to their never-ending demand for electricity. Being lit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they also contribute to driving up companies’ fuel costs. Therefore, replacing electrical signs with photoluminescent exit signs brings both an economical and an environmental benefit. Often recognised as best practice in the UK photoluminescent sign systems have also been adopted throughout the EU and USA. This is due in part to the failure of battery-powered back up lighting during the World Trade Center Bombing in 1993, New York City established a city ordinance requiring buildings over 75 feet tall to contain photoluminescent safety systems.

Photoluminescent Fire Signs how do they work?

Photoluminescence occurs when an object absorbs photons (light energy) and then emits them back when the light source is removed i.e. in the dark, creating a noticeable lighting effect. Photoluminescent fire safety signs are designed to absorb photons from ambient light and then re-emit them in darkened conditions. Having an average lifespan of 25 years, they also save companies money by not using electricity and being maintenance free so there is no need for the costly regular maintenance regimes associated with ensuring the correct functionality of electrical signs. Stocksigns has extended the use of photoluminescent material beyond fire safety signs with many other health and safety signs including hazard warning signs, prohibition safety signs, chemical safety signs, first aid signs, electrical warning signs, and mandatory warning signs. We have also created floor signs and tapes to aid your way finding during emergency evacuations.photoluminescent health and safety signs

Photoluminescent Fire Signs – Hilume from Stocksignsphotoluminescent safety signs

Hilume is a PSPA (Photoluminescent Safety Products Association) Class B performing product which means it is much brighter for longer than the usual PSPA Class A product found in safety signage and is suitable for exterior use.

  • Aesthetic Improvement – New white appearance under usual lighting conditions yet still glows brighter when light source is removed.
  • Extremely durable – resistant to shrinkage and curl, also the low profile thinner material is less prone to attention from vandals.
  • Green Manufacturing – Environmentally friendly material
  • Flame retardant – passing all flame, smoke and toxicity tests.
  • UV resistant – enabling use both indoor and outdoor

Cost savings with Photoluminescent Signs

Studies show that replacing 100 incandescent exit signs with photoluminescent exit signs can save a company over £2k a year. In addition to their cost effectiveness, eco-friendly fire safety signs are also more reliable than traditional exit signs. Free of light bulbs they are the optimal signage in the event of emergency situations that result from structural shock falling debris (as seen in the New York terrorist attacks). Replacing electrical fire exit signs with eco-friendly photoluminescent exit signs and using other photoluminescent safety signage is a cost effective way to help a companies’ journey to go green.