You don’t need to be a Marketing Guru to know that advertising helps promote a business and is vital to success. There are many ways to advertise and signs are one way of the most cost-effective and visual ways to do so. There are many forms of signs each with their own roles to play within a business. Signs can be divided into four main groups: corporate signage, way finding, information signs and safety signs. Part 1 of this guide will concentrate on how to get the best from your Corporate Signage.

Corporate nameplate signs on buildings are often the first impression a visitor or passer-by may get. These are the main sign advertising opportunities for a company and the main tools for brand building. The type of sign chosen, position and design will all influence how your company is perceived.

Signs can be placed high across the top of buildings to help potential customers that are further away to recognise the company. The main goal is to get customers inside and keep them coming back to the business.

Use other conspicuous locations for corporate signs at the edge of car parks, roadsides or the entrances to business parks to maximise your audience numbers.

Stocksigns can create signage schemes that are in keeping with the local environment, while getting your message across clearly. Look at other signs, buildings and street furniture in your area, decide whether you want to complement the surrounding area or stand out and make a statement. Choose fonts that reflect your image, the script style font used on this traditional looking sign adds to the hand crafted look. Do you want your sign to advertise your presence? – Clear simple fonts are best. Or do you want to reinforce your brand? – more creative fonts can be used to reflect your brand attributes. Stocksigns can help you get the right balance. The use of colours can also help to accentuate your brand attributes. Classic gold lettering will give a feel of custom made signs, bespoke signage, cut out lettersluxury or authority. Experiment with bright colours for your lettering and different back grounds to achieve different looks. Colours used in conjunction with different font styles will further extend the range of possibilities. Our project managers and design team would be happy to discuss your ideas or for examples and inspiration of corporate signs and how they can influence perception of your brand follow the corporate signage link.

For more about using signs to build company brand see our guide on How to use Signs to Build Company Brand – Part 2 Way Finding Signs