RIBA Boards

Stocksigns has been an official licensed manufacturer of RIBA siteboards for over 20 years and we are well qualified to advise you and create your practice’s siteboard. Being a member of RIBA allows you to demonstrate a commitment to excellence and exemplary ethical and professional standards. These boards can be utilised to help promote the individual and the profession as a whole.

The instantly recognisable and unique red background with the white lion logo is widely recognised in the construction industry. Moreover, RIBA members are renowned globally as being elite.

There are many benefits to being a RIBA member. Once you have joined this prestigious institution, you are entitled to installing your personalised RIBA siteboard. You are entered into the public directory of RIBA Chartered Members. Having the words ‘RIBA’ demonstrates to clients and employers your professionalism and commitment.

The board is available in three sizes:

• 2.6′ x 6″ / 800mm x 200mm
• 4′ x 1′ / 1220mm x 305mm
• 8′ x 2′ / 2440mm x 610mm

There are 4 materials we use when making your RIBA siteboard available in all the above sizes:

RIBA March 2018 Pricing

There are specific requirements when it comes to designing and manufacturing the board, the use of the recognisable “Twin Lions” logo is permitted once these conditions have been met.


The RIBA badge and all lettering (which must be in title case) are printed in white. The boards for Architects and Practises will be printed all over in red (Pantone 032CVC), and RIBA Client Advisor boards will be printed on Blue (Pantone 281). The typeface to be used is Unica and printed in white.

No office or company logos are permitted

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