Over the next few months we will see a further step in the adoption of a new standard for safety signs as BS ISO 7010 is soon to become BS EN ISO 7010. The change will see safety signs in the workplace move away from being an “International standard” (essentially a recommendation on best practice), to a European norm (meaning the contents of the standard must be written into UK and EU law).

ISO 7010 has been developed to provide consistency in design across the EU. The new designs have now been phased in and all our signs follow The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1966 and conform to BS ISO 7010 where applicable.

How does ISO 7010 effect my safety signs?

You may have noticed some design changes to the symbols whereas others will look virtually unchanged. Whilst the new symbols will be replacing the old designs, some Health and Safety guidance recommends that the two different types of signage, BS 5499 and EN ISO 7010 should not be mixed in the workplace, so you may want to change your current signage to comply, although for the present both designs will still meet your safety obligations. When looking to purchase new signage, ensure they meet with the new EN ISO 7010 standards.