All too often important announcements or vital bits of information are lost or go unnoticed. A Noticeboard can help to improve communication and can become a central focus, or even a meeting place for employees or communities.

Top Uses for Noticeboards

  • To post public messages for people
  • Help build company brand
  • As a Bulletin Board for company updates
  • Advertise upcoming events
  • Promote communication between administration and other staff
  • Announce company results – which can enhance productivity and build staff motivation
  • Create unity and a common purpose between staff members and help team building

Where Should You locate Your Noticeboards?

  • Chose a central and prominent position
  • Having dual or multiple locations work well
  • Create a hierarchy of notice boards i.e. general company info, departmental down to social events and news – this could form part of a well structured internal communications project
  • Look for places where people naturally gather, the photocopier & coffee machine are popular choices

Choosing Your Noticeboards

  • Where is your noticeboard to be displayed? We can provide noticeboards and display cases that are sympathetic to your environment. We can also offer advice on the levels of weather or vandal protection your external notice boards may require.
  • What information are you going to display? Is the information permanent or will it require updating regularly? We offer notice boards with fabric covered pin boards which are also Velcro friendly, magnetic or for fixed permanent display. Locking notice boards give flexibility and security. These can also be simple tamper proof snap frames / clip poster frames that allow very quick access to update your display.
  • When will the information be viewed? Illumination can be incorporated, extending optimum viewing conditions. Lighting increases the functionality of your sign or noticeboard, not only making viewing easier, but also adding to the aesthetics of your display.
  • Consider LED signs – LED displays communicate high impact messages which can be easily updated.

How To Be Creative with your Noticeboards

  • Try theming your noticeboards, tie in with seasonal celebrations like Christmas, Halloween or even a company anniversary
  • Run regular competitions through your noticeboards and publish the winners on the boards too
  • Be creative with the display – use colourful borders,  and cut-out letters to add impact. Why not add texture with other objects to create a collage effect? A school supplies company will be able to provide you with a huge range of colourful materials to create a truly unique and creative noticeboard

By spending some time planning your noticeboards you can turn them into a valuable resource. Experiment with the types of information displayed and the way it is presented. Ask for feedback from staff, by asking them what they would like posted on the boards they are more likely to take notice and absorb other company information that you publish.