Privacy screens are particularly useful in changing areas, medical rooms and on security or dividing screens. Even when privacy isn’t an issue, they can provide decorative features, which can enhance a building’s overall interior design.

If you have glass partitioned meeting rooms or private offices within a large mostly open plan office area then carefully placed manifestation films on the glass can help create private areas. They can be used to create ‘work zones’, departments or even break-out and meeting areas.

Hospitals and medical facilities with corridors, used for patient transfer, can benefit  from frosted half panels. Manifestations, including frosted and printed vinyls can be used on any glazed panel and can be created to maintain maximum light levels while protecting privacy.

Company logos are often included for branding but advertising material can be included by creating semi

transparent designs. Striking designs can be created by leaving areas uncovered. These designs can also be functional as seen in the cloakroom example (bottom left). For simple glass highlighted glass privacy films, the vinyls used come in a range of transparencies and decorative finishes.

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