Do you know a Guardian Angel?- A Guest Blog from RoSPA (The Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents)

When you think about the people who work to keep us safe in the workplace, perhaps the archetypal hero springs to mind; the person who leaps into action when things go wrong, throwing themselves into the path of danger to protect others. However, here at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, we think that it’s the people who act before the need for heroics that deserve to be celebrated.

It’s funny, like a handful pebbles tossed into a lake, sometimes the smallest action can make huge ripples. For example, something as simple as recognising a risk and then arranging appropriate safety signs to raise awareness can be enough to prevent a serious accident or injury. More often than not, the person who was at risk will carry on obliviously, unaware that they have been protected by ‘the silent hand of safety’.

However, we believe that it’s these sometimes actions that deserve to be rewarded. That’s why RoSPA has developed The Guardian Angel Award – so that we can shine a light on these sometimes small acts of safety that have a big impact!

So, if you know someone who has made a difference – be it through a major piece of community work or through something as simple as making appropriate signs available to protect staff – then we want to hear from you.

Visit to find out more information, and nominate your RoSPA Guardian Angels today!