Playground Signs – How to use school signs as teaching aids

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Not all learning happens in the classroom! Much of children’s social skills and relationship building occurs on the playground either through organised formal sports and activities or through natural play. Use your school signs to help this natural development.

Playground Rules School Signs

Use playground and school signs to brighten up the surroundings but also to teach children the importance of good citizenship and fair play. Playground rules signs give gentle encouragement and help children develop respect for each other.

More specific school signs can be used for individual activities, sandpit rules and football rules signs give Playground signs - school signsdetailed instructions of “do’s and don’ts” which can help reduce conflicts that arise through play.

Friendship stops can help to build self esteem, suggesting that it’s OK not to have someone to play with and by going to one of these stops a playground monitor, teacher or fellow pupil will help the child join in with other games or activities. They help to promote new friendships. A “time out stop” gives children the opportunity to calm down after disagreements or quarrels and have some “time out” for quiet reflection before rejoining their friends.

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School Signs as Teaching Aids

Of course playground signs can be simple information or teaching aids. Vegetable Garden or Flower Garden signs can formalise green gardening projects, giving some ownership to the plots rather than simply being part of the landscaping of the grounds.

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