A comprehensive range of materials

In addition to the more standard sign materials, Stocksigns can supply custom made signs from a broad array of materials, anything from prestige metals right through to Welsh slate.

Standard materials

At Stocksigns we have the ability to digitally print on a comprehensive range of materials. Typically this includes Rigid Plastic, Rigid Photoluminescent Plastic, Foamex, Correx, Self-Adhesive Vinyl, Self-Adhesive Photoluminescent Vinyl and Aluminium.

Specialist materials

For specialist jobs, where specifications are more exacting, we have the capability to manufacture and supply signs from a range of high quality, bespoke materials. We have the ability to print on just about any material, even glass.

Composite aluminium

Aluminium composite with a plastic core and an aluminium face. Lighter and stronger than traditional aluminium, it is ideally suited for a broad range of exterior signage solutions. This material benefits from a zero scrap value, removing the risk of theft.

Prestige metals

We produce stainless steel, (brushed or polished), polished brass and anodised aluminium which all provide a classic, stylish look and feel to your sign.

Acrylic and polycarbonate

For a more contemporary look, with the potential for limitless design options, acrylic and polycarbonate signs provide the perfect solution. Equally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, due to the robust nature of the material they are highly durable and resistant to damage.

Vitreous enamel

These signs are ideal for prestigious and permanent locations, such as heritage sites and high end retail outlets, as well as all rail applications. Manufactured from fused glass and steel plate, at temperatures at in excess of 500°C, the signs retain their bright, vibrant colours for their entire life span of 40 years or more. Being highly fire resistant they are also compliant with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, relating to fire safety on sub-surface railway stations.


Stocksigns TactualTM signage uses a matt composite material, with raised lettering, that is suitable for the visually impaired. It is compliant with BS 8300 (Disability Discrimination Act).