May the (Work) Force Be With You

Two weeks ago our employees were transported from their present office desk to a galaxy not so far away (Well…in The Den, our games room in the Stocksigns/Messagemaker HQ) The employees became Jedi Knights for the day and were ready for the games to begin! We were divided into three teams and played three sports [...]

Proud new member of MADE IN BRITAIN

As of right now, we are super excited to announce that Stocksigns has been accepted into Made in Britain. We are honoured to be a part of the British manufacturing community and be able to proudly show off the use of the registered collective mark. Made in Britain is made up of experienced and loyal [...]

Stocksigns Countinues to Deliver for Knights Brown

A combination of excellent customer service, specialist support, and an extensive portfolio has meant that for another year - Stocksigns remains the preferred supplier of site and road safety signage for Knights Brown. The successful relationship recently led to Stocksigns supplying a key project in Gloucestershire to help improve general safety.  Based in Ringwood in [...]

Meet The Whole Team

At Stocksigns the people behind the company are just as important as the company itself. We have a close-knit and diverse team here at Stocksigns, made up of different career paths and different social interests. Despite some of our differences (football teams, cats or dogs, rock or pop music, pineapple on pizza!)  we are all [...]

Electrical safety signs, symbols and their meanings.

Some bright spark came up with the idea of installing electricity warning signs on their site! Electricity is an essential part of our everyday lives and is present in most, if not all, workplaces and homes, but despite its usefulness, it is dangerous. While your workplace may not seem a high-risk environment for electrical injuries, [...]

Fire Safety Guide from Stocksigns
Your quick guide to Fire Safety signage

With fire posing deadly risks and devastating consequences, it is essential that fire safety is top of your agenda when considering health & safety signage for your business. Ensuring that you are prepared for the eventuality of a fire help can you avoid employee and visitor injury, protect against costly damages and recently increased health [...]

Our 2021 Charity Challenge: The Jurassic Coast Quest

The Stocksigns Team and Friends have been at it again, we have climbed every mountain and I can confirm the hills were alive with the Sound of Music! The Jurassic Coast Quest took place on the 10th and 11th of July we hiked 50 miles and climbed just under 9000ft of elevation. Our chosen charity for [...]

Quarries Water Safety Sign from Stocksigns Ltd
Why water safety signage is critical in Quarries

You turn up to an abandoned quarry on a hot summer’s day, it is nice and quiet, the water is clear, and it looks inviting. Adventure awaits… There’s nothing quite like taking a dip into open water and feeling a massive rush of endorphins, but in reality, adventure does not await when dealing with water [...]

facilities management guide to signage fro,m stocksigns ltd
A Facilities Management Guide to Sign Types

A general aim for all facilities managers is to ensure that the organisation they work for has the most appropriate environment for its employees and visitors to the site. The most important place to start is to ensure that you have the correct signage in place to ensure the safety of everyone on the site. [...]

Jurassic Coat charity challenge stocksigns
Welcome… to the Jurassic Coast!

It's become a bit of a tradition here At Stocksigns that every year we take on a new challenge for a different charity. At the moment as it stands, we have the green light on the road map to start planning/training for our next event. Last year we hiked the Surrey hills in our little [...]

Stocksigns Catalogue 2022
Hot Off The Press – New Stocksigns Catalogue

Hot off the press and straight from the Graphics and Marketing team we present to you the new Sign Catalogue for Stocksigns 2021. The new online catalogue makes browsing for our signs a lot easier, we have given it a little revamp. Taken out some old and added some new. Wherever and whenever you need [...]

custom signage creator stocksigns
NEW Create your own sign online

Sometimes a standard sign just won't do. You need something a little special, something that will stand out, something with a little spice that will get your message across. Why not put your design skills to the test and say it with a sign! We have worked hard on our new digital offering so that [...]

CE certified traffic signs from Stocksigns Ltd
CE Certified Road Traffic Signs

CE Certified Road Traffic Signs, we have you covered. Here at Stocksigns Ltd, we are always looking to improve our products and services so that we can provide you with exceptional personal service. So, we are pleased to share with you all that the latest change to our service is a shorter lead time for [...]

temporary construction signs from stocksigns ltd
New Construction Range

Want to hear a joke about construction? We’re still working on it! Unlike this joke, we have worked hard and finished our task. We have only gone and merged our two brands First Call Signs and Stocksigns. We put our hard hats on, our PPE, and put our tools to work in our brainstorming session [...]

Triple ISO Certifications for Stocksigns Ltd
Triple ISO Certification

Our Quality Journey 18 months ago, the team at Stocksigns were delighted to announce their Silver Construction Line membership which was very quickly followed up with a Gold membership. The membership is “an increased level of scrutiny and assurance”, which has been achieved through numerous validations assessments for our environmental management, quality management, equal opportunities, [...]

gender neutral construction signs from stocksigns
A sign of the times for 2020

The ‘Men at Work’ sign has been scrapped in a watershed moment! At Stocksigns we are replacing the word ‘Men’ with ‘Workers’ for 2020/21.  We are hoping that the updated signs will help to raise awareness and consciousness that men and women are both very much included in the construction industry. Women In Construction Most people [...]

surrey 3 peaks charity challenge
Surrey 3 Peaks Challenge

We had high hopes of jetting off to Slovenia this summer and climbing mount Triglav. Then COVID-19 came like a bat out of hell and turned the world upside down. We want to kill the virus, but not the good fundraising vibes. So, we have put our plans for Slovenia on hold until next year. [...]

COVID signs from stocksigns
Essential signs for your Coronavirus Measures

Signage expert Stocksigns Ltd. has launched a new range of COVID-19 hygiene and social distancing signs suitable for use in all working environments and available with bespoke branding. The range includes social distancing floor and wall vinyls to help ensure effective social distancing and enforce one way systems in and around workplaces, retail spaces or [...]

RISQS – New Accreditation for Stocksigns Ltd

The team at Stocksigns Ltd are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and products. To achieve this high quality we undergo frequent assessments and audits for all the vital accreditations and memberships which allow us to stay on course to be one of the UK's highest quality signage providers.  The latest accreditation to put [...]

Mental health tips from the Lucy Rayner Foundation for Stocksigns Ltd
COVID-19: 10 Top Tips from The Lucy Rayner Foundation looking after your mental health

In these unprecedented times, our lives have changed almost in an instant. We all handle change differently; some of us will find it easy to keep our minds and bodies busy, others will not. Our current 'normal' is one where we are no longer able to sit in a full office and laugh with our [...]

Health & Safety Refresher: Hazard Signage

Slips and trips and falls can be the most dangerous risk when working. In fact, they are the most common cause of injury at work. Slips, trips and falls cause over one third of injuries at work, and account for over half of injuries in workplaces with public access. This makes hazard signage a vital [...]

Health & Safety Refresher: PPE Signage

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a vital part of working on a construction site, quarry, or in a potentially hazardous area. Even though the cause of the issue and preventing if necessary takes priority, if there is even a slight risk of injury or damage to health on a site, workers must be informed about [...]

Fire Safety Blog
Health & Safety Refresher: Fire Safety

With new laws regarding fire safety in consultation this year, it's very important now more than ever to ensure your safety signage is clear and consistent around your premises. If you are in any way responsible for a business or commercial property, you must display the required signage to ensure employees and/or customers are safe [...]

Quarry Safety: The Top 5 Hazards & How Signage Can Help

It’s no secret that any workplace, especially ones where workers are operating machinery, working at a height, and tackling extreme weather conditions, can present safety concerns. Particularly, working on a quarry can be incredibly dangerous, and potential risks need to be spotted and averted. Below are some of the most common causes of accidents within [...]