Here we catch up with our Marketing Executive Kelly Spear to find out about her background, her current role and also her extensive pet collection.

How did you get into marketing and what first led you to Stocksigns?

My career began in 2017 when I joined a global technology provider and distributor Westcon-Comstor as a Marketing Apprentice. Since then, I’ve worked for a number of large B2B companies including Sivantos Group and, most recently, Restore Record Management, working my way up from Marketing Assistant roles and progressing to Marketing Executive. Last year I secured my job here at Stocksigns. The team have been incredibly welcoming and I’ve enjoyed getting up to speed with both the Stocksigns and Messagemaker brands ever since.

Kelly - Marketing Executive at Stocksigns

What does your role entail?

My role is incredibly varied, which I really love. I cover everything from organising marketing campaigns and materials, to drafting and uploading blogs, updating and maintaining the website, creating email campaigns, helping with social media content and reporting on campaign results to the sales team. There’s always something different to do – I think the only constant is the amount of tea I drink every day!

Although most of my work has a digital focus, Daniella, our Marketing and Graphics Manager has been on maternity leave so I have been looking after a few other marketing areas, including managing the flow of content from our external PR agency.


You also have an important role to play in terms of sustainability at Stocksigns, tell us about that?

When I first interviewed with Daniella and Danny, our MD, I mentioned my interest in sustainability – both the environmental and social aspects. While I personally do my best to recycle and live sustainably, I feel that big corporations need to take more accountability as there’s only so much the average consumer can do or afford.

Having heard me speak passionately on the subject and agreeing, Danny encouraged me to sign up to the Supply Chain Sustainability School on behalf of the company. The Supply Chain Sustainability School is a free-to-join learning environment that aspires to upskill those working within the built environment sector. So far, we have reached Silver status as a result of our continued engagement with the school, and using the knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve been running internal CSR training sessions, covering topics such as the importance of ESG/CSR and the circular economy. I also regularly share insight from the school with the wider company at our monthly meetings, and I look forward to telling them all about the School’s Net Zero Summit that I am attending in September.

Supply Chain Sustainability School Silver Badge

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love animals and have quite the menagerie at home. I have tarantulas in just about every size, shape and colour (including one so pink that it would fit right into the set of Barbie), scorpions, a centipede, various colonies of isopod species, 3 leopard geckos, 3 crested geckos, a leachianus giant gecko, a dwarf monitor lizard and a box full of fruit beetles – who needs to go to the zoo when there’s one at home!

I spent some time studying Animal Care at Brinsbury College before my apprenticeship and I also used to volunteer at a local falconry centre. I would love to one day get involved with various animal conservation programmes and have been looking into working with sharks off the coasts of South Africa.

Kelly and her pet monitor lizard
Kelly's Mandalorian helmet

Aside from animals, I enjoy gaming and can often be found on my PC (or Nintendo Switch during work breaks) playing Warhammer 40,000 games, various survival crafting titles, and the occasional bit of Stardew Valley or Minecraft. I’m also admittedly a bit of a Star Wars nerd – I even have my own Mandalorian cosplay – and am planning to go to the next Star Wars Celebration in Japan in 2025. Finally, I also love creating artwork, and at one time considered a career as a digital illustrator and animator. As such, my notepads are always covered in doodles – mostly of dragons.

What do you like about working at Stocksigns and what do you hope to achieve?

One of my favourite things about Stocksigns is how close and supportive we are as a team. In a smaller company, you feel more integral and more appreciated, while milestones are more highly celebrated as everyone feels so invested in the company, its progress and development. It makes for a really positive environment.

In terms of what I would like to achieve, I’m determined that we will soon reach Gold status at the Supply Chain Sustainability School and also hit Net Zero by 2030, if not sooner. Personally, I’m working on building my confidence and skillset to include all areas of marketing and have found covering for Daniella in some areas to have been a real confidence boost.