Two weeks ago our employees were transported from their present office desk to a galaxy not so far away (Well…in The Den, our games room in the Stocksigns/Messagemaker HQ)

The employees became Jedi Knights for the day and were ready for the games to begin!

We were divided into three teams and played three sports each;  Phanton tennis (table tennis), Palpatine’s pool party (Pool) and  Darts Vader (darts)

Each team worked together as they built new relationships, made great memories, And, most of all… had fun!

Did they learn the ways of the force and were they tempted by the dark side?

They felt the force of laughter and were tempted by the dark side, the dark side being the tasty treats of Hans Rolos, Yoda’s Soda, and Light Sabers!


Another Successful team building afternoon from Team Stocksigns.

As of right now, we are super excited to announce that Stocksigns has been accepted into Made in Britain. We are honoured to be a part of the British manufacturing community and be able to proudly show off the use of the registered collective mark.

Made in Britain is made up of experienced and loyal tradespeople/craftspeople who are dedicated to promoting the British market.

Here at Stocksigns we are fully committed to providing exceptional personal service, and the highest of quality signage. We have always been proud of our British heritage which began back in 1955 when we started in a Nissen hut in surrey. Fast forward 67 years and we are still on the Holmethope Estate in Redhill and aware of our responsibility to operate in ways that protect the reputation of British manufacturing.

We are proud to have a wall of fame of registered accreditations/industry standards these are checked and validated every year by industry bodies and now we have our Made in Britain membership certificate to add to it!

Stocksigns front office
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History in Pictures

Stocksigns Ltd
Est. 1955
Stocksigns front office
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Stocksigns front office
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A combination of excellent customer service, specialist support, and an extensive portfolio has meant that for another year – Stocksigns remains the preferred supplier of site and road safety signage for Knights Brown. The successful relationship recently led to Stocksigns supplying a key project in Gloucestershire to help improve general safety. 

Based in Ringwood in Hampshire, Knights Brown has a broad portfolio spanning a number of sectors. As such, the multidisciplinary construction company has a constant requirement for a wide variety of temporary and permanent site and road safety signage. In 2014, Knights Brown was approached by Stocksigns to offer its services. After an initial agreement to supply some temporary site signage, the two companies have since maintained a strong relationship over the last seven years. In fact, Stocksigns has become Knights Brown’s go-to supplier for all its signage needs.

Jeff Kinge, Head of Buying at Knights Brown commented: “The customer service we receive from our Key Account Manager at Stocksigns is excellent, with a prompt turnaround on any quotes and orders that we place. The personable service is a key factor in why we continue to choose Stocksigns for any signage required on our sites.”

At a recent project, Stocksigns supplied products for use at the junction of the A46 and A4173 in Pitchcombe, Gloucestershire. As part of Gloucestershire County Council’s £150 million scheme to improve its highways, Knights Brown installed a series of designated crossing points, widened the junction, and raised the level of the surrounding roads. Stocksigns provided a number of mounting directions, speed limit,s and give way signs that helped to improve motorist and pedestrian safety.


Knights Brown operates across various sectors, so access to a wide range of signage systems that can suit every application is crucial,” commented Andy Norman, Key Account Manager at Stocksigns. “By dealing directly with the company’s project managers, site managers, and buyers, we can efficiently organise the distribution of units from our product portfolio for use on Knights Brown’s sites.”

For more information on Stocksigns’ range of temporary and permanent site signage, please visit


At Stocksigns the people behind the company are just as important as the company itself.

We have a close-knit and diverse team here at Stocksigns, made up of different career paths and different social interests. Despite some of our differences (football teams, cats or dogs, rock or pop music, pineapple on pizza!)  we are all committed to working in a coordinated and harmonious manner to be able to provide you all with the Exceptional Personal Service that you all deserve. Although the harmonious manner tends to change a little when the bacon butties have been delivered after the company meeting, or when the “It’s my birthday” email gets sent out to say there are cakes they are in the kitchen. We all get a little excited.

The one thing we all have in common is a soft spot for a good cause.

None of the team wants to miss out on the opportunity of raising money for one of our chosen Charities of the year so our team has chosen to endure a few challenges throughout the years. They have painfully hiked up a few hills and mountains, they have endured sleeping rough for one night in winter, played silly office games, held raffles, and even rowed the distance between Dover to Calais and back again.


We are so much more than just a standard sign company.

Founded in 1955, Stocksigns has spent more than 67 years at the forefront of signage innovation.

George and Jeremy have proudly owned Stocksigns Ltd for over 30 years.

As the business has grown, so has our passion, and we are proud to be leaders in our industry.

Stocksigns Exhibition Stand 1960

We are fully committed to providing the very best service, and the highest quality signage. We are fully ISO credited and are leading experts in our field.

We are fully aware of any changes to legislation and compliance, making sure that no matter what the project, you get exactly what you need.

Our sign range includes all forms of safety signs and general signage including Emergency Fire Escape signs, Road and CE Traffic Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Braille Covid-19, Photoluminescent Signs, and Hazard, and Warning Signs through to No Smoking Signs.

Some bright spark came up with the idea of installing electricity warning signs on their site!

Electricity is an essential part of our everyday lives and is present in most, if not all, workplaces and homes, but despite its usefulness, it is dangerous.

While your workplace may not seem a high-risk environment for electrical injuries, electrical safety should be considered by all businesses. Poorly maintained or incorrectly used electrical equipment can cause fires, electric shock, or electrocution – resulting in life-changing injuries or death.

Signs are an essential tool to comply with specific legislation, as well as to prevent accidents, to help protect or offer guidance to those in the workplace or workplace area, whether they are members of staff or the general public.

Electrical safety signs are put in place to keep all workers safe.

Types of Electrical Injury

If you touch a live electrical component or wire, an electrical current will pass through the body.

An electrical shock is extremely painful and can result in.

  • Unconsciousness
  • Burns along the path of the electric current.
  • Muscular spasms and serve weakness.
  • Short, shallow breathing and rapid pulse rate.
Electric shock Poster

The biggest fires and explosions can be caused by the smallest of sparks. Faulty damaged equipment, lack of adequate maintenance, and electrical overloading can lead to overheating which then can cause it to become hot enough to burn and inflict injury. As we know that electricity poses a very real hazard practically in the work place. For this reason, most employers implement rigid risk assessment programmes that consider the risks, hazards, and dangers in a given area or during a specific process, to keep electricity safe and protect lives and property.

We have a range of Electrical Safety Labels and signs available on our site. If you cannot find the electrical safety sign you are after you can now create your own sign or label on the Stocksigns “Designs A sign” online creator or give us a call and our graphic’s team can create label designs for you.

Common electrical hazards.

Many appliances and equipment in the workplace present an electrical hazard, but the most common hazards are:

  • Damaged equipment and power tools.
  • Educating Frayed, loose, or exposed electrical cables.
  • Using electrical equipment near water or with wet hands
  • Overhead power lines.
  • Incorrect use of replacement fuses.
  • Overloaded sockets.
  • Smoke and smells from equipment.

How to prevent electrical hazards.

Educating your staff about avoiding electric shock can help keep everyone safe and prevent a dangerous accident. Almost every appliance runs on electricity and if it isn’t used properly, it can prove to be an extremely dangerous element. If live electricity touches you or any conductive material, an electric shock can occur.

Common electrical hazards.

We have listed some tips below to help prevent electrical shocks that could lead to serious injury.

  1. Moisture and water

You must keep electrical appliances away from moisture and water. Water is extremely conductive and can lead to electrical shocks. Do not handle extension cords or electric appliances or plug anything into an electrical outlet while you are wet or if the appliance is on a wet surface.

  1. Never connect or disconnect under load.

When an electrical appliance is plugged in and is running, it is “under load” and it should not be unplugged.  If you try to unplug the device while it’s on, the flow of electricity might create an arc. This can be very dangerous and give you an electric shock.


  1. Check for improper or faulty wiring.

Do not use line cords that are damaged cracked or frayed, this goes for extension cords as well. Extension cords beyond its maximum amperage, i.e., the maximum amount of electrical current that it can conduct safely. Improper wiring can transfer electricity from the appliance to you, resulting in shocks. Replace all such items and do not use equipment with improper wiring.

  1. Turn off the power.

If you are working on a circuit or device, make sure you turn off the power before you start the work. Turn off the appropriate circuit breaker in the breaker box. If you are working on an appliance with a cord, unplug the cord to shut the power to the appliance.

Electric shock prevention is a goal that everyone should pursue because of the serious and life-altering injuries that can be caused by an electric shock.

We must do everything in our power for electric shock prevention to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities from the dangers of electric shock.

Electrical safety signs and symbols

Common symbol for electricity is a lightning bolt.

There are different kinds of electrical safety symbols used on electrical safety signs to provide people with information on what electrical accident can happen and what its probable outcome might be.

electrical hazard safety sign from stocksigns thumbnail

Danger High Voltage

Effective signage is crucial to ensure safety on site. The lightning bolt and Danger high voltage warns people to take appropriate precautions in dangerous electricity areas.

High Voltage

The danger of death sign, Health, and Safety Hazard Signs

Avoid unwanted accidents by clearly informing qualified staff to take extra caution due to a deadly hazard.

Danger of Death

With fire posing deadly risks and devastating consequences, it is essential that fire safety is top of your agenda when considering health & safety signage for your business. Ensuring that you are prepared for the eventuality of a fire help can you avoid employee and visitor injury, protect against costly damages and recently increased health & safety breach fines.

All premises need fire safety signs.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that all workplaces must have adequate safety signs to point people towards fire-fighting equipment, emergency routes and emergency exits. Primarily, they are used to warn and instruct employees of risks to their health and safety.

Working out which ones you need can be a little confusing.

We have put together a simple guide below.

  • Fire Exit Signage – Fire Exit Sign – displayed along all designated fire escape routes (with  arrows) and all emergency exits (without arrows)
  • Fire Door Signage – All fire exit doors must carry a ‘Fire door, keep shut’ sign. This is an example of a mandatory notice which simply means that it gives an instruction which is to be displayed on each side of all fire doors to ensure safety.
  • Fire Action Notice – The purpose of a fire action notice is to inform employees or visitors of what action to take in the event of a fire.
  • Fire Assembly Point – A picture gram or written sign displayed at the outside point of assembly where people must gather after evacuation.
  • Fire Safety Equipment – In the event of a fire, its vital that people know where to find the firefighting equipment, and which equipment they can use depending on the type of fire.
Assembly Point

Without proper signage, you are potentially putting employees’ lives in danger.

All of our Fire safety signs are available in photoluminescent material. The glow admitted from the signs will help staff and visitors make their way out of a building or locate fire safety equipment if the lighting fails. There are multiple benefits of your photoluminescent signage

Fire safety signs should always be clear and unambiguous.

Escape routes and doors must be obviously labelled.

Escape route signs must be displayed along all exit routes.

Signs should be positioned at an appropriate height.

Our Site Survey Manager and installation crew can visit your site to specify your complete signage needs, and will expertly install your signs once they are ready.

The Stocksigns Team and Friends have been at it again, we have climbed every mountain and I can confirm the hills were alive with the Sound of Music! The Jurassic Coast Quest took place on the 10th and 11th of July we hiked 50 miles and climbed just under 9000ft of elevation.

Our chosen charity for this year is The Children’s Trust. The UK’s leading charity for children with injury. Based in Tadworth (local to our Stocksigns HQ) the Trust runs a range of specialist care, education and therapy services for children and young people from across the UK and the UK’s largest rehabilitation centre for children with acquired brain injury (ABI)

Day 1

Start time: 6 am
Distance: 24 miles
Elevation: 3310.ft
Time: 7h 51m

We woke up bright and early to the sound of rain hitting our tents… it was damp and dull! Our support crew drove us to our start point in Charmouth where we exctidely jumped off the bus, and headed towards our first climb. At this point, the heavens opened again and it looked like a storm was brewing. Apparently there was some amazing scenery, but sadly we couldn’t see any of it through the thick fog and rain! By the time we had arrived at Chesil Beach, we were greeted with rays of sunshine and blue skies just in time for a re-fuelling stop.

It was sunshine and smiles for miles for some of us after that. A fair few feet and knees were now starting to suffer which was understandable as we had climbed the same elevation as Mt Snowdon.

Day 2

Start time: 6 am
Distance: 26 miles
Elevation: 5639ft
Time: 8h 33m

Another early start in the rain and day two was feeling much tougher from the moment we set off compared to Day 2, although this may be in our heads because we knew Captain Cload had chosen a much more difficult route! The lack of sleep with all the aches and pains were starting to show as the team set off from our campsite and were immediately faced with the first hill. We got to the top only to see that we needed to go straight back down the other side, which became the theme of the next 8 hours. The hills were so steep that some of us preferred to walk up the hills instead of down them to save our poor knees. This was just the beginning of our non-stop steep climbs along the cliffs.

We made it to Durdle Door as a full group but sadly after that we did lose a couple of crew members (they didn’t drop off the side of cliffs, they were picked up by our fabulous support crew) their feet and knees were in bits.We passed Lulworth Cove and Chapmans Cove then stopped for a quick refuel and a few new blister plasters from  the new blisters that we had picked up. Then it was time for the final 10 miles. Where the heavens opened up once again, but we were not about to let anything rain on our parade! We had singing, football chants and music quizzes. It helped bring in the final 10 miles of hills. No wonder day 2 was such a challenge we had hiked almost two Scarfell Pike elevations.

As we approached our finish line, we could see the support crew and fellow walkers cheering for us. We hydrated with a glass of celebratory fizz and took our final team photo of the walk.


There was no rest that evening as the team headed straight out to watch England bring the football home! However, the football did not come home that weekend, but Stocksigns Ltd and friends certainly did! With a whopping amount of money raised for the Children’s Trust Tadworth.

We are so pleased and proud to share with you that we raised over £8,000 for the Children’s Trust in Tadworth.

Thank you all for your support and donations, this fantastic amount of money, and will go a long way in helping this fantastic charity.

You turn up to an abandoned quarry on a hot summer’s day, it is nice and quiet, the water is clear, and it looks inviting.

Adventure awaits…

There’s nothing quite like taking a dip into open water and feeling a massive rush of endorphins, but in reality, adventure does not await when dealing with water safety.

85% of accidental drownings occur at open water sites.

You see a ‘danger, do not no swim’ sign amongst the picturesque foliage, do NOT ignore this, this sign has been put there for a reason.

Quarries, particularly abandoned and disused quarries are very dangerous places, they have several hidden dangers. Deep water, stone-cold water, submerged and abandoned machinery, hidden current, pollution, and dangerous algae to name a few.

Signs are used to inform people of the dangers present in and around the water they are interacting with.

Members of the public must keep away from quarries and do not trespass.

Shop our range of quarry signs here.

Danger Quarry Water Poster Graphic -situ -
Chewy Quarry

Signs are used to inform people of the dangers present in and around the water they are interacting with.

Our highly visible and easy-to-read quarry signs help aggregate and quarry companies keep their premises safe and secure. By their nature, quarries are extremely dangerous places to work in and visit. There are a number of hazards to contend with, such as falling rocks, deep water, and industrial machinery, and we have health and safety signs for all of these hazards. We can help you to highlight the dangers present in quarries that may not be evident to visitors, especially those who are on your premises without permission or when the site may be closed.

We supply signage for quarries that complies with Quarry Regulations 1999 and conforms to British Standards BS5499. Our range of signs includes quarry safety signs, warnings signs as well as custom signs with site-specific graphics.

Keep your site safe and shop our quarry range here, or call us today on 01737 774072 to talk to one of our experienced sales team.

A general aim for all facilities managers is to ensure that the organisation they work for has the most appropriate environment for its employees and visitors to the site.

The most important place to start is to ensure that you have the correct signage in place to ensure the safety of everyone on the site.

Have no fear Stocksigns is here!

 We don’t want to brag, but we really do know our stuff when it comes to health and safety signs here at the Stocksigns HQ.

We have many years of experience in helping building and facilities managers keep their health and safety signage complete and up to date. From bringing in new signage to updating the old, we can ensure your buildings fully comply with the correct legislation.

Signs are an essential tool to comply with specific legislation, as well as to prevent accidents, to help protect or offer guidance to those in the workplace or workplace area, whether they are members of staff or the general public.

The first step towards understanding which signage is required is to undertake a risk assessment to identify potential hazards and the risks they may pose to people working or visiting your site. According to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, employers are required to use safety signs where there is considered to be a significant risk to health and safety.

Once the relevant signage is in place, there is a legal duty for companies to maintain safety signs and ensure that employees receive correct instructions and training into what the safety signs mean and the measures that must be followed.

A guide to our signs…

Prohibition– A red circular band with a diagonal crossbar on white background, the symbol within the circle to be black denoting a safety sign that includes a certain behaviour is prohibited.


Hazard – A yellow triangle with a black border and symbol in the yellow denoting a safety sign that gives a warning of a hazard.


Mandatory – A blue circle with a white symbol denoting a sign that indicates that a specific course of action must be taken.


Fire Equipment – A red rectangle or square with a symbol in white denoting a safety sign that indicates the location of the firefighting equipment


Safe Condition – A green rectangle or square with symbol or text in white denoting a safety sign providing information about safe conditions.


Safety Signs are crucial in any work environment and the primary importance of displaying them is to prevent injury and ensure staff and visitors are well aware of the possible dangers and hazards ahead in certain situations and/or environments. Whether that be permanent signs to notify people of prohibitions, warnings, and mandatory requirements, for locating and identifying emergency escape routes and first-aid facilities.

As well as permanent signage displaying temporary signage is also very important. For example, where cleaning is underway signs regarding slippery floors are required and need to be visible. Signage can be a great way to enforce safety and make sure care is taken when completing any task.

We have 1000s of products available and our sales team can guide you if you are not sure what you are looking for and for larger projects, we can arrange site surveys and installation.

We also offer an interactive create your own sign service where you can bring your vision to life. We have in place Mandatory, Prohibition, Hazard, and First Aid sign templates with a selection of symbols and custom text for you so you can create exactly what you need online.

We are confident that you will find what you are looking for. However, if this isn’t the case, please call a member of our friendly sales team.

Trade-Account-Blog-Icon Health and Safety company Stocksigns

It’s become a bit of a tradition here At Stocksigns that every year we take on a new challenge for a different charity.

At the moment as it stands, we have the green light on the road map to start planning/training for our next event. Last year we hiked the Surrey hills in our little socially distanced bubbles and walked just over 24 miles. We hoped to raise £3342 as that was the total of the elevation for the walk. I can confirm we walked all over that amount and raised an incredible amount (£3800) for the NHS Charities and Rospa.

We are delighted to say that we are back with another charity challenge for this year.

Captain Cload has dug out his map and put on his hiker hat and planned our next expedition, knowing Captain Cload it will be no walk in the park!

Stocksigns and Messagemaker Displays charity walk

Follow the team’s progress on Twitter and LinkedIn with #TeamStocksigns

Welcome… to the Jurassic Coast!

Over two days we are aiming to hike Dorset’s Jurassic Coast! 75 km and 9,000ft of elevation will make it one of our toughest challenges to date! In past challenges, we have had the luxury of staying in hostels where we had a bed to rest our aching bodies and a warm welcoming shower to wake us up in the morning. This year to add to the challenge we will be camping. I might be crying whilst camping!

Our chosen charity for this year is The Children’s Trust. The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury. The Trust runs a range of specialist care, education and therapy services for children and young people from across the UK. It includes the UK’s largest rehabilitation centre for children with acquired brain injury (ABI) and is based at Tadworth Court.

Now it’s time for Team Stocksigns and friends, to dust off those hiking boots, get to the pharmacy, and stock up on Compeed, and add energy bars to the weekly shop as our Walk and Talk Wednesdays are back!

Bring on the blisters and the bants it’s time for some new Kings and Queens of the mountains on those Strava segments.

If you would like to make a donation please click here for our Just Giving Page 

Stocksigns and Messagemaker Displays charity walk
Stocksigns and Messagemaker Displays charity walk
Stocksigns and Messagemaker Displays charity walk

Hot off the press and straight from the Graphics and Marketing team we present to you the new Sign Catalogue for Stocksigns 2021.

The new online catalogue makes browsing for our signs a lot easier, we have given it a little revamp. Taken out some old and added some new. Wherever and whenever you need clear prominent signage, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for. However, if this isn’t the case, we also offer a full design a sign service which can be found on our website.

The Sign Catalogue

Our catalouge includes all forms of safety signs and general signage including Emergency Fire Escape signs, Road and Traffic Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Photoluminescent Signs and Hazard, and Warning Signs, Covid Signs through to No Smoking Signs. Did you know that there is an LED Safety Signs and Temporary LED Traffic Management Solutions? You can find this in our new catalogue too. We can confidently say that our products are high quality and one of the best you’ll find. To ensure it stays that way, all our safety signs are manufactured in compliance with BS EN ISO 7010 and our business is ISO 9001 certified.

Our team has worked so hard on making this new online catalogue easy to follow but if you are unsure of anything you can chat to one of our friendly team members via our live webchat, or pick up and the phone and give us a call. I can promise you; you won’t have to deal with any automated messages, and you will be put through to a human key account manager!

With offices and businesses starting to open back up again, now is a good time to have a quick walk around your premises to check if your signage is up to date. Are your exit routes clearly marked? Could you find your way out if you were new to the building? Do you need a one-way system in place? Etc.

Sometimes a standard sign just won’t do. You need something a little special, something that will stand out, something with a little spice that will get your message across. Why not put your design skills to the test and say it with a sign!

We have worked hard on our new digital offering so that we can bring you the option of Design Your Own Sign.

Now you can create your own sign from scratch using your own images, text, and symbols or create a customised safety sign with a selection of symbols from Mandatory, Prohibition, Hazard, and First Aid sign templates with a selection of symbols and custom text for you to create your own sign.

It’s easy as 1 2 3. As simple as do re mi. ABC!

  1. Select the material and size.
  2. Select images from our gallery or icons, or upload your own
  3. Add your own text.

Add to basket and you’re done!

Custom Prohibition Sign
Custom Mandatory Sign
Custom Hazard Sign
Custom first aid sign

Visibility is the most important part of your signage so here are some tips on how to create your signs:

Avoid over-crowding
Crowding your sign with too many words or lines of text makes it harder to read from a distance, so your message or safety warning may be missed.

Creating a safety sign? Use ISO Symbols
If you need a safety sign, using an ISO symbol from our selection will help users quickly identify the purpose of the sign, especially important when identifying a hazard.

Using your own image? Use High-resolution. 
With our blank canvas, you can create any sign you need, so if you want to upload images or even a full design, our production and graphics team please ask that you upload high resolution so we don’t print anything blurry!

Design a Sign Custom signs

How to create your custom sign

How to create your custom safety sign

CE Certified Road Traffic Signs, we have you covered.

Here at Stocksigns Ltd, we are always looking to improve our products and services so that we can provide you with exceptional personal service. So, we are pleased to share with you all that the latest change to our service is a shorter lead time for CE Certified Road Traffic Signs.

Before today, the lead time on our CE Traffic Signs was 10 to 12 working days (that is not very exceptional is it now!?). So we have invested in new machinery, software, training, and processes to enable a faster lead time of just 2 to 3 working days!

The many benefits of our CE Traffic Sign Range.

  • 2-3 working days lead time.
  • Bulk discounts.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Made by a fully accredited and Certified Manufacturer
  • Long-lasting high-quality signs
  • All our Traffic signs online and in the catalogue are made to CE Specifications
  • Every type of CE sign available from warning road traffic signs and directional traffic to speed limit signs.
CE Road traffic sign

More about CE Certified Road Traffic Signs

We often see the letters of CE on products we purchase, whether that’s on electrical products, construction products, windows/shower screens, and children’s toys. (It’s all I can now see as I tidy my children’s toys and put them back in the correct boxes! )

CE marking is a self-certification scheme to demonstrate that products comply with relevant European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation. When a product is CE marked, it means that the manufacturer has verified compliance with the essential health and safety requirements as indicated in the applicable European product directives and regulations.

In regards to CE Marking of Road Traffic Signs, simply put; every permanent road sign installed on any public highway must be CE Certified.

The standard which needs to be adhered to is EN 12899-1-2007. ARTSM (Association for road traffic safety and management), of which Stocksigns is a member, is the trade body for companies that manufacture and supply traffic signs in the UK. You can read their guide on CE Marking of Road Traffic Signs here.

You can shop our range of CE signs here.

Want to hear a joke about construction?
We’re still working on it!
EW beard covid hoarding

Unlike this joke, we have worked hard and finished our task. We have only gone and merged our two brands First Call Signs and Stocksigns. We put our hard hats on, our PPE, and put our tools to work in our brainstorming session and come up with a new name for these two sites. Let me introduce to you all Stocksigns Construction. Now open for business. With everything in one place, we hope to make your sign experience simpler, easier and sleeker.

Stocksigns Construction will still provide the same high-quality, certified signs as First Call Signs, but will allow all of your signage needs to be catered for under one roof. Don’t you worry, all our prices, lead times and benefits are still the same.

To offer an extra helping hand Stocksigns Construction has created a selection of Sign Packs. The packs are a quick easy and cost-effective way of ensuring you all have the signs needed for a safe construction site. Whether you are in need of a basic starter pack, traffic management signs, or a full suite of health and safety signs, our packs have been carefully selected to suit any construction site and also help meet safety regulations.

All our Stocksigns Construction signs are fully compliant, whether you are a health and safety manager, construction site manager, or a contractor, everyone has a duty of care to ensure pertinent and correct signage is put in place where legally required.

The perks of working with Stocksigns

  • Do you need your Company Logo on your signs? Our vast range includes a FREE LOGO PRINT. Our temporary signs are built to last.
  • Our range includes everything you need for a construction site, from printed site hoarding to banners to corporate branded signs we have you covered.
  • No job is too big, no job is too small for us here at Stocksigns.
  • We are experienced; we have been manufacturing high-quality safety signs since 1955. 
  • We believe that your customer experience should be as pain-free and streamlined as possible, making this merge a great way to provide a better service and shopping experience.


We are your Personal Signage Experts

Knights Brown Banner. From Stocksigns

Our Quality Journey

18 months ago, the team at Stocksigns were delighted to announce their Silver Construction Line membership which was very quickly followed up with a Gold membership. The membership is “an increased level of scrutiny and assurance”, which has been achieved through numerous validations assessments for our environmental management, quality management, equal opportunities, modern slavery act adherence, anti-bribery and corruption policies.

7 months ago, we added a new accreditation to our wall of fame from RISQS, Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme, which “features a smarter, quicker, easier platform and enhanced audit services, providing the industry with supplier assurance fit for the future.”

Today, Stocksigns are delighted to share with you our latest news, we have not one, not two but three new ISO accreditations.

Steve Wright quality at Stocksigns Ltd
Triple ISO Certification, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 Stocksigns Ltd

Triple ISO Certification, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015

ISO Standards are a key part of our business to ensure our quality and safety, in both our products and services are maintained and always improved. The three new standards now under Stocksigns’ belt are;
– ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
– ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety
– ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for managing your business in a quality way. It’s relevant to and can be adopted by, any organisation in any business sector, regardless of whether you provide a service or product.

The benefits of implementing ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 is to discover and gain control of hazards resulting from the running of our business. It will help us demonstrate legal compliance, improve our safety culture, discover and control the effects our company has on the environment.

Stocksigns is dedicated to providing the highest quality product and service to every customer, for every project. That is why the business undergoes frequent assessments and audits for all the vital accreditations and memberships which allow us to stay on course to be one of the UK’s highest quality signage providers.

The ‘Men at Work’ sign has been scrapped in a watershed moment! At Stocksigns we are replacing the word ‘Men’ with ‘Workers’ for 2020/21.

 We are hoping that the updated signs will help to raise awareness and consciousness that men and women are both very much included in the construction industry.

Caution Workers overhead
Danger Workers overhead
Protect yourself
Caution Workers below
Women In Construction

Most people know that Waterloo Bridge has the finest views of London at ground level, but what a lot of people don’t know is that it is also nicknamed the ‘Ladies Bridge’. Why?

Waterloo Bridge needed to be rebuilt during WWll, because most men of fighting age were away with the war effort, which meant that they were in short supply. Women to the rescue! Women got the chance to prove that they are every bit as capable as men and Waterloo Bridge was predominately rebuilt by women.

After digging around on the internet, I found some wonderful photos of women in action rebuilding Waterloo Bridge. 

Waterloo Bridge was constructed by around 350 women during WWll. Millions of people walk across London Bridge (Thousands daily) but I wonder how many know the huge role women played in building the bridge?

Image source:

Thanks to a historian for remembering and reminding us of the women’s role in the construction of the bridge, which has now been officially recognised. 


Waterloo Bridge AKA The Ladies Bridge.

For more information about this historic topic, you can click here.

It just goes to show that women have been involved in critical construction for a long time!

With WWll in mind fast forward to 2020, women working in construction is on the increase! According to ‘Go Construct’ women make up around 14% of construction industry professionals and this number can only be set to rise with more and more women choosing construction jobs.

Misconceptions about gender-specific roles are gradually diminishing with the growing number of women choosing a career in construction.

Last year some of us were fortunate enough to meet Katie Kelleher, a crane operator who has worked on some of the biggest infrastructure projects in London, at the Kent Construction Expo our Andy even got a picture with her, he is quite the fan! Katie had been named in the top 15 ones to watch in the Construction News 2019 for her support to get more young women into the industry through apprenticeships.

Ladies Bridge
Surrey 3 Peaks Challenge Stocksigns Ltd

We had high hopes of jetting off to Slovenia this summer and climbing mount Triglav. Then COVID-19 came like a bat out of hell and turned the world upside down.

We want to kill the virus, but not the good fundraising vibes. So, we have put our plans for Slovenia on hold until next year.

Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity of raising money for Charity we had our very own Captain Cload (he got his name for his leadership skills on the Dingle Dash Challenge last year) come up with a gruelling local challenge for us and friends like Ropsa and more who are close to the Stocksigns group

Our event for 2020 is the Stocksigns Surrey 3 Peaks Challenge.

The route for this year, although this is a scaled-down event, it will by no means be a walk in the park. We will be walking for 24 miles taking in some amazing scenery across the three Surrey peaks and ascending a total 3342ft elevation in the same prominence as Mt Snowdon (Wales highest mountain), but it is the length that will make this a tough challenge even for a seasoned walker.

Our Wednesday walk and talk training sessions have started up again. Socially distanced of course! Some of us have been struggling with the hills (mainly myself) must be all the banana bread and cake baking throughout lockdown. Whilst other team members have been battling it out for King and Queen of the mountain on those Strava segments. Some have never been into walking and couldn’t imagine walking more than six miles have been smashing it and have a new found love for it. We have had blisters, chafing and tears (happy ones may I add) the team have had one sweaty summer of scorching training walks.

We will again split the fundraising between two charities, firstly is our charity partner, Ropsa for their brighter beginning campaign informs people and tries to prevent accidents involving young children.

We also thought it would be a great idea to donate to the NHS Charities Together. As the National membership for the NHS Charites, they represent champion and support for work of more than 140 member charities. These NHS Charites give over 1 million every day to the NHS enhancing patient experience and care.

We are all facing challenges through this tough time of Coronavirus, we would welcome any support/donation you may be able to give .

Our aim this is year is to raise £3342 the same total as our elevation for the walk.

Follow the team’s  progress on twitter with #TeamStocksigns

Signage expert Stocksigns Ltd. has launched a new range of COVID-19 hygiene and social distancing signs suitable for use in all working environments and available with bespoke branding.

The range includes social distancing floor and wall vinyls to help ensure effective social distancing and enforce one way systems in and around workplaces, retail spaces or any environment where social distancing measures are required.

The high quality range also features specific coronavirus hygiene signs that can be used to provide vital health and safety information to employees or customers and advice on the appropriate hygiene measures to take. These include signs with cleaning equipment, sanitising and hand washing advice as well as ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ signs.

Finally, traffic signs for roads and pathways are also available to aid social distancing in exterior environments and assist with vehicular traffic control where necessary.

All Stocksign’s products are made at its factory in the UK so customised text, branding and colour schemes can be added to signage easily on request.

View The Range

Health and safety signage is more important now than ever before. At Stocksigns we can provide everything you need to make your workplace safe for staff to return and operate social distancing and hygiene measures effectively.

Our friendly signage experts are also on hand to provide technical support and assist with every step of the specification and design process. They can help to create bespoke products to suit any requirement and ensure your company’s branding is maintained throughout.

The team at Stocksigns Ltd are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and products. To achieve this high quality we undergo frequent assessments and audits for all the vital accreditations and memberships which allow us to stay on course to be one of the UK’s highest quality signage providers. 

The latest accreditation to put under our belts is RISQS, Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme which “features a smarter, quicker, easier platform and enhanced audit services, providing the industry with supplier assurance fit for the future.”

As a qualified member of RISQS, we are able to provide some extra assurance to our \current and potential customers of the quality of our work.

Steve Wright from Stocksigns Ltd RISQS Membership

In these unprecedented times, our lives have changed almost in an instant. We all handle change differently; some of us will find it easy to keep our minds and bodies busy, others will not.

Our current ‘normal’ is one where we are no longer able to sit in a full office and laugh with our colleagues, visit our family for a Sunday roast or relax in a pub garden with friends in the sunshine. Instead some of us will lose a loved one, some of us will beat coronavirus and some will not.

When it is so difficult to find the positives in life we need to be kind to each other now more than ever whilst also focusing ourselves at the same time.

Our grandparents are now learning to face time, our children are painting the walls and many of us are now professional banana bread bakers!

We are in this together, and we will get through this. In the meantime, our friends at The Lucy Rayner Foundation have shared their 10 Top Tips in keeping our mental health well during these difficult times.

Mental health tips from the Lucy Rayner Foundation for Stocksigns Ltd

1.Seek accurate information about the Coronavirus

2. Set limits to how much COVID-19 news you are exposed to

3. Get yourself a daily routine

4. Look after yourself

5. Reach out to others and support those around you

6. Maintain a sense of hope and positive thinking

7. Acknowledge your feelings

8. Do things you enjoy

9. Keep your mind active

10. Ask for professional help


Seek accurate information about the Coronavirus

Concerns about the Coronavirus is perfectly normal but make sure that the information you are getting is coming from a reliable source.

Sources like the World Health Organisation (WHO), the European Commission and from the Prime Ministers daily briefing.


Set limits about the new surrounding Covid19

Try to limit the time you spend watching or listening to the news on COVID-19.

This includes social media and breaking news alerts on your phone.


Get yourself into a daily routine

Being in lockdown life, it is very uncertain and there is going to be some disruption to your normal daily routines. It might be helpful to plan your day or your week ahead, especially if you are working from home or if you have children.

Plan your day to be as normal as it used to be including your wake up and sleep schedules. New daily plans can include e.g. working hours, cleaning times, workout times, watching TV and meal times.


Look after yourself

Take some time to relax, practise mindfulness – this can help to release any difficult emotions or worries that are building up.
Eat well and on a regular basis. Make sure you are getting enough exercise and sleep.


Reach out to others and support people around you

Take some time to relax, practise mindfulness – this can help to release any difficult emotions or worries that are building up.
Eat well and on a regular basis. Make sure you are getting enough exercise and sleep.


Maintain a sense of hope and positive thinking

Try and focus on things that are positive in your life. Listen to positive messages, podcasts and motivational speakers.

Keep away from anything that you feel is negative for your mental health.


Acknowledge your feelings

It is import to acknowledge how you are feeling in these uncertain times to yourself and to others. Try to focus on things that you can control, such as how you act, who you speak to, where you get your information from

It’s good to acknowledge that things are outside of your control and if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed – this is normal. If you feel that your anxiety is too overwhelming you can try some relaxing techniques such as mediation, listening to calming or uplifting music, cooking, gardening, or exercise.

This is a good time to experiment and find things that can work for you to reduce stress and anxiety.


Do things that you enjoy doing

If you are feeling worried, anxious, lonely, or depressed do more of the things that you enjoy and make you happy.

Make an effort to focus on doing more things that you enjoy that. Hobbies, such as baking, gardening, sewing. Why not learn something new, something that you have always wanted to do but never have the time. There are lots of free tutorial and courses online if you wanted to explore on the internet.


Keep Your Mind Active

If you have an active mind and tend to overthink there are a few things you can do to engage your mind.

Read a book,  write in our journals, create poems, play games with the family, do puzzles,  draw or paint. Find whatever it is that works for you.


Ask for professional help

If you are still struggling with self-isolation and you have followed all the steps 1 – 9 and you are still feeling low you may need to consider professional help. You may need to consider reaching out to a helpline or a professional counsellor or support from a friend.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a vital part of working on a construction site, quarry, or in a potentially hazardous area. Even though the cause of the issue and preventing if necessary takes priority, if there is even a slight risk of injury or damage to health on a site, workers must be informed about the importance of PPE and when to use it.


PPE signage can be crucial to ensuring that workers are protected from falling objects, slips and hazardous chemicals. Signage can simply remind the necessary people to consider PPE if there is any risk to their health onsite. Not only can lack of protection equipment increase risk dramatically and potentially cause injury, but it can also create a lot of legal issues for the business owner/responsible person.


With Christmas and New Years having passed, it can be easy to slip back into bad habits during January. However, this can also be a great opportunity to refresh your health and safety and start the new year on the right foot. This can help to minimise risk and potential stress later in the year. Particularly during the remaining cold winter months, it’s very important to provide as safe a working environment for employees as you can, meaning safety signage is essential. Below are some examples of Stocksigns’ wide range of PPE signage:


  • Site Safety Boards

These are a great way to contain all of your PPE rules/instructions in one place. This  makes it more convenient for site users and easier to enforce safety. Site Safety Boards can include warning, hazard, prohibition and PPE signs.

  • Regulations Signs

This can be a great reminder to both site users and the public of the legal ramifications of not using the correct PPE and taking the necessary steps to stay safe onsite.

  • Photoluminescent Signs

Sometimes, conditions or lighting onsite can be poor, meaning you’ll need a sign with its own light source. Photoluminescent material will charge in ambient light, and glow whenever visibility is poor. This keeps the sign visible at all times to maximise safety.

  • Prohibition PPE Signs

These can help to stop anyone entering site who is not wearing the correct PPE. Additionally they can act as a reminder for site users to check their equipment


Stocksigns offer a wide range of PPE signs to help you protect yourself, and others onsite. You can check out the range here. If you’d prefer to have a browse of our products, you can view the shop here.

PPE Safety

With new laws regarding fire safety in consultation this year, it’s very important now more than ever to ensure your safety signage is clear and consistent around your premises.

If you are in any way responsible for a business or commercial property, you must display the required signage to ensure employees and/or customers are safe and meet safety standards, as well as:


  • Carry out a fire risk assessment of the premises and review it regularly
  • Tell staff or their representatives about the risks you’ve identified
  • Put in place, and maintain, appropriate fire safety measures
  • Plan for an emergency
  • Provide staff information, fire safety instruction and training


One of the best ways to make sure that your signs are clear in all conditions, is to opt for photoluminescent. Photoluminescent signs will self-charge in ambient light, meaning that if there is a power failure or conditions mean visibility is poor, these signs will illuminate, creating a clear guide to the nearest exit in an emergency, as well as any extinguishers, alarms and more.

As well as clear and concise signage, ensuring that employees are aware of the correct procedures and locations of aid in the event of a fire is incredibly important. Fire notice boards and action notices can be a huge help with this, as well as fire assembly point indicators. These can all contribute to minimising panic during a fire and maintaining an organised and calm manor which is vital during an emergency.

To read a great article about the laws and legislations of fire safety signage and what each sign means, click here.

At Stocksigns, we can provide a comprehensive range of fire safety signs, notices and packs – and all can be printed on photoluminescent material. Check out our range here.



Did you know?

In 2018/19 there were 15,005 commercial fire incidents in England.

Refuge Point Sign
It is that time of year again when our team get a few days out the office to mingle with current and potential connections. Last week they attended the South East Construction Expo, and this week the team will be exhibiting at Kent Construction.

Unlike the vast majority of signage companies in the UK, here at Stocksigns we have always had a strong presence in exhibitions. Since the 1960’s we have exhibited and attended Construction, Facilities, Highways and Health & Safety exhibitions nationwide.

Last week, Stocksigns exhibited at the South East Construction Expo in Ardingly.

Overall the exhibition was a success! Many exhibitors there are already current customers of Stocksigns, so this provided an opportunity to have a personal catch-up; something that can often be difficult to arrange when everyone has blocked out diaries or are located far across the country to each other!

On the stand was Andy Norman, a Senior Account Manager and and Steve Wright our Business Development Manager. Josh Lyne was also on the stand who is new to the signage industry and is our Trainee Account Manager.

If you did not get a chance to meet the team at South East Construction, they are at the Kent Construction Expo on the 3rd October.

South East Construction Game Danny
South East Construction Andy Norman and Josh Lyne
Kent Construction Expo Stocksigns Ltd
Stocksigns Exhibition Stand 1960

The Construction Industry has the most fatalities than any other industry in the UK (

The dangers of working in Construction should never be overlooked, and whether you are an apprentice or a site manager, it is the duty of everyone on site to keep everyone safe. 

47% of deaths
in the Construction Industry
over the last five year period were due to falls from height

Stocksigns’ 5 Top Tips for a Safe Site

1. Every worker needs all the necessary training

This may seem obvious to most of us, but when the daily to-do list gets longer faster than things are getting ticked off, or projects on site are behind schedule it is easy to forget to pencil in some time for staff training.

Training should include; proper use of machinery and tools, scaffolding, working at height, health and safety and fire safety training.

2. Use signage to highlight every danger on site

We may be a bit biased here being a safety sign manufacturer, but signs are often overlooked and tend to be a last minute thought.

The Health and Safety Regulations 1996 state  “that safety signs are provided (or
are in place) and maintained in circumstances where there is a significant risk to
health and safety”. However, signs are should only be used in conjunction with safety procedures and not be a substitute for one.

3. Clear communication is key

Whether this is communicating verbally, written or with signage, communication is key in every industry. All staff need to be kept in the loop with the daily goals and activities and also briefed on the potential dangers.

To help maintain the safety message throughout the day, a Site Safety Notice Board may be an ideal addition to your.

Do you need some help with your safety signs?

If you require a site survey or advice to decide which signs you need, and where to install them, our experienced team can help.

4. Appropriate and well maintained equipment

“Make sure that you always have the right tools for the job. It’s no use trying to eat a steak with a teaspoon and a straw.” – Anthony T Hincks

Using incorrect or damaged equipment dramatically increases the risk of injury, so although some financial investment is needed, it will get the job done  on time, safely and to a high standard.

5. Ensure employees and visitors have all the correct PPE

As much as a PPE sign can remind everyone to wear the correct protective gear, some employees and visitors may need some help. Ensure that replacements for any worn or unfit PPE is easily accessible and provided.

Other than providing the PPE equipment and clothing, ensure all staff know which PPE is required for which job.

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