Back in 2010, in our transition from silk screen to digital printing, we brought a first-generation swissQprint Impala. This machine, which was the 15th swissQprint machine to be placed in the UK, has served us for around 12 years – and has only broken down 3 times in this timeframe. Many years of printing later, we decided it was time for an upgrade.

Reliability and sustainability were the two key factors in our decision-making, with print quality being a no-brainer!

And so, after months of researching the market, we approached swissQprint again – and brought ourselves a new printer.

The new fourth-generation Impala is three times faster than our old one and much more sustainable. The Impala 4 prints the same volume of media whilst using just 10% of the energy of the old one, thanks to its UV curing capabilities and reduced power consumption requirements. Sustainability was a key factor in our decision-making, with the reductions in emissions and electricity savings of this new printer being a key stepping stone in our goal to reach Net Zero by 2030.

This new Impala 4 printer marks the 100th machine in the UK.

SwissQprint Impala 4 Installation Video