Sustainability is central to all we do at Stocksigns.

We’re continually working to reduce our carbon emissions, setting ambitious targets which have since helped us to reach net neutral status.

However, there’s more to be done. This journey towards sustainability isn’t about ticking boxes; it’s about continual improvement and a commitment to safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Reducing carbon emissions

Our approach to sustainability starts with measuring, setting targets and reducing our carbon emissions. We’ve already achieved net neutral status thanks to a combination of reduction efforts and carbon offsetting measures.

These include supporting clean cookstoves in Kenya and establishing wind farms in India to promote sustainable energy. We’re working towards a green future globally by supporting initiatives and adopting frameworks such as REDD+ (Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries).

Sustainable Signage Products

We have a substantial range of sustainable signage made from durable and recyclable materials, including aluminium composite and stainless steel. Our corrugated plastic signage is made from polypropylene instead of PVC and can be recycled through our Correx® Recycling Scheme, minimising waste and environmental impact. This closed-loop system is already proving popular amongst our construction industry customers who use multiple signs on their sites.

Correx Signage Stack by Stocksigns

The Road to Net Zero by 2030

At Stocksigns, we’re on a clear path to achieving Net Zero 2030 and have taken significant steps to make this goal a reality. Our measures include reducing our vehicle fleet, adopting renewable energy resources and training our staff to minimise waste production. As part of our green initiatives, we have recently installed solar panels on our roof that are estimated to produce around 65,662 kWh, saving 15.30 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. This will substantially contribute to about a third of our daily electrical consumption. We have also sought to install energy-efficient technologies throughout of production process, for example our Impala 4 printer which is four times faster than our previous printer but uses one tenth of the energy to do so.

Supply Chain Sustainability School

We recognise that sustainability is a collective journey and that our supply chain and customers have the same goals. We’re ISO 14001 accredited and a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS), which focuses on the three core pillars of environmental, social and economic sustainability. The SCSS has been invaluable and has helped us develop new ideas and strategies to become more eco-friendly and action-orientated within our supply chain.

Supply Chain Sustainability School Silver Badge

Monitoring our Progress

Strategies are only worthwhile if you monitor and review your progress, which is why we have been working with an environmental consultancy for the past four years to calculate our carbon footprint, establish targets and evaluate our carbon emissions. Our annual assessments help us gain valuable insights into our environmental impact and pinpoint any causes of increased emissions.


For example, our most recent 2022 Carbon Management Report showed that most of our activities have had a drop in carbon emissions, apart from two areas. Our electricity consumption increased by 14% last year. However, considering the electricity we purchase comes from renewable sources, our emissions are zero. Our business travel was also a significant contributor to our carbon footprint last year. Again, after looking into the rise further, we identified that this was because we resumed our overseas charity hikes in 2022 following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Future of Stocksigns and Sustainability

Our net zero journey is about our commitment to driving positive environmental change. Through carbon reduction efforts, sustainable signage, a data-driven approach and a clear roadmap to Net Zero 2030, we’re ensuring that our environmental promises are not just words but a measurable reality.