How do Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs work?

Photoluminescence occurs when a material absorbs photons (light energy), stores and then emits them back when the light source is removed i.e. in the dark, creating a noticeable lighting effect. Our Photoluminescent safety signs are designed to absorb photons from ambient light and then re-emit them in darkened conditions.

For your signs to be effective they will require initial activation from a good light source – this can be either natural or artificial.

Why choose Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signage?

In the event of an emergency, photoluminescent signage is the optimal solution. Visibility can be greatly reduced in a power cut or fire, with traditional electrical exit signs being susceptible to a loss of electricity and potential damage from structural shock and falling debris. Photoluminescent signs do not require electricity and are highly visible even in total darkness, making them perfect for providing your customers, visitors and staff with the essential information that they might need in an emergency.

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Optimise your site’s safety with our range of Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs

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Cost Savings

With an internal lifespan of up to 25 years, these signs can also help you save money by not using electricity. Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs are also cost-effective as they do not require maintenance – bypassing the need for costly regular testing regimes that are associated with ensuring the correct functionality of electrical signs.


Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Being lit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, traditional electrical signs are environmentally unfriendly due to their never-ending demand for electricity. Reducing your number of electrical fire exit signs and opting for their photoluminescent counterparts is a cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Often recognised as best practice in the UK, photoluminescent sign systems have also been adopted throughout the EU and USA

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