Some bright spark came up with the idea of installing electricity warning signs on their site!

Electricity is an essential part of our everyday lives and is present in most, if not all, workplaces and homes, but despite its usefulness, it is dangerous.

While your workplace may not seem a high-risk environment for electrical injuries, electrical safety should be considered by all businesses. Poorly maintained or incorrectly used electrical equipment can cause fires, electric shock, or electrocution – resulting in life-changing injuries or death.

Signs are an essential tool to comply with specific legislation, as well as to prevent accidents, to help protect or offer guidance to those in the workplace or workplace area, whether they are members of staff or the general public.

Electrical safety signs are put in place to keep all workers safe.

Types of Electrical Injury

If you touch a live electrical component or wire, an electrical current will pass through the body.

An electrical shock is extremely painful and can result in.

  • Unconsciousness
  • Burns along the path of the electric current.
  • Muscular spasms and serve weakness.
  • Short, shallow breathing and rapid pulse rate.
Electric shock Poster

The biggest fires and explosions can be caused by the smallest of sparks. Faulty damaged equipment, lack of adequate maintenance, and electrical overloading can lead to overheating which then can cause it to become hot enough to burn and inflict injury. As we know that electricity poses a very real hazard practically in the work place. For this reason, most employers implement rigid risk assessment programmes that consider the risks, hazards, and dangers in a given area or during a specific process, to keep electricity safe and protect lives and property.

We have a range of Electrical Safety Labels and signs available on our site. If you cannot find the electrical safety sign you are after you can now create your own sign or label on the Stocksigns “Designs A sign” online creator or give us a call and our graphic’s team can create label designs for you.

Common electrical hazards.

Many appliances and equipment in the workplace present an electrical hazard, but the most common hazards are:

  • Damaged equipment and power tools.
  • Educating Frayed, loose, or exposed electrical cables.
  • Using electrical equipment near water or with wet hands
  • Overhead power lines.
  • Incorrect use of replacement fuses.
  • Overloaded sockets.
  • Smoke and smells from equipment.

How to prevent electrical hazards.

Educating your staff about avoiding electric shock can help keep everyone safe and prevent a dangerous accident. Almost every appliance runs on electricity and if it isn’t used properly, it can prove to be an extremely dangerous element. If live electricity touches you or any conductive material, an electric shock can occur.

Common electrical hazards.

We have listed some tips below to help prevent electrical shocks that could lead to serious injury.

  1. Moisture and water

You must keep electrical appliances away from moisture and water. Water is extremely conductive and can lead to electrical shocks. Do not handle extension cords or electric appliances or plug anything into an electrical outlet while you are wet or if the appliance is on a wet surface.

  1. Never connect or disconnect under load.

When an electrical appliance is plugged in and is running, it is “under load” and it should not be unplugged.  If you try to unplug the device while it’s on, the flow of electricity might create an arc. This can be very dangerous and give you an electric shock.


  1. Check for improper or faulty wiring.

Do not use line cords that are damaged cracked or frayed, this goes for extension cords as well. Extension cords beyond its maximum amperage, i.e., the maximum amount of electrical current that it can conduct safely. Improper wiring can transfer electricity from the appliance to you, resulting in shocks. Replace all such items and do not use equipment with improper wiring.

  1. Turn off the power.

If you are working on a circuit or device, make sure you turn off the power before you start the work. Turn off the appropriate circuit breaker in the breaker box. If you are working on an appliance with a cord, unplug the cord to shut the power to the appliance.

Electric shock prevention is a goal that everyone should pursue because of the serious and life-altering injuries that can be caused by an electric shock.

We must do everything in our power for electric shock prevention to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities from the dangers of electric shock.

Electrical safety signs and symbols

Common symbol for electricity is a lightning bolt.

There are different kinds of electrical safety symbols used on electrical safety signs to provide people with information on what electrical accident can happen and what its probable outcome might be.

electrical hazard safety sign from stocksigns thumbnail

Danger High Voltage

Effective signage is crucial to ensure safety on site. The lightning bolt and Danger high voltage warns people to take appropriate precautions in dangerous electricity areas.

High Voltage

The danger of death sign, Health, and Safety Hazard Signs

Avoid unwanted accidents by clearly informing qualified staff to take extra caution due to a deadly hazard.

Danger of Death