With fire posing deadly risks and devastating consequences, it is essential that fire safety is top of your agenda when considering health & safety signage for your business. Ensuring that you are prepared for the eventuality of a fire help can you avoid employee and visitor injury, protect against costly damages and recently increased health & safety breach fines.

All premises need fire safety signs.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that all workplaces must have adequate safety signs to point people towards fire-fighting equipment, emergency routes and emergency exits. Primarily, they are used to warn and instruct employees of risks to their health and safety.

Working out which ones you need can be a little confusing.

We have put together a simple guide below.

  • Fire Exit Signage – Fire Exit Sign – displayed along all designated fire escape routes (with  arrows) and all emergency exits (without arrows)
  • Fire Door Signage – All fire exit doors must carry a ‘Fire door, keep shut’ sign. This is an example of a mandatory notice which simply means that it gives an instruction which is to be displayed on each side of all fire doors to ensure safety.
  • Fire Action Notice – The purpose of a fire action notice is to inform employees or visitors of what action to take in the event of a fire.
  • Fire Assembly Point – A picture gram or written sign displayed at the outside point of assembly where people must gather after evacuation.
  • Fire Safety Equipment – In the event of a fire, its vital that people know where to find the firefighting equipment, and which equipment they can use depending on the type of fire.
Assembly Point

Without proper signage, you are potentially putting employees’ lives in danger.

All of our Fire safety signs are available in photoluminescent material. The glow admitted from the signs will help staff and visitors make their way out of a building or locate fire safety equipment if the lighting fails. There are multiple benefits of your photoluminescent signage

Fire safety signs should always be clear and unambiguous.

Escape routes and doors must be obviously labelled.

Escape route signs must be displayed along all exit routes.

Signs should be positioned at an appropriate height.

Our Site Survey Manager and installation crew can visit your site to specify your complete signage needs, and will expertly install your signs once they are ready.