In addition to performing as a construction site perimeter, hoarding can be an incredibly useful tool for developers. It can function as a platform to display eye-catching advertising or critical safety messages. Alternatively, it can be used to help a building site blend into its surrounding environment. In this blog, we explore these possibilities further and look at how Stocksigns can work with developers to create the perfect hoarding.  

Legal requirements

Since the publication of the Construction Regulations 2015, a building site is legally required to feature a protective boundary to ensure the safety of the general public. There are no set limits to the height, but most sites opt for hoarding of at least two metres in height to provide an adequate level of coverage. In urban environments or where there is an increased likelihood that a child may attempt to gain access, a higher fence may be needed.

Messaging opportunities

Given hoarding is a necessity, it makes sense to utilise the opportunity it also provides to display messaging or imagery. For example, health and safety signage is often printed on hoarding, to alert those who enter the vicinity or are nearby of potential site hazards. This can also keep costs down as developers will not need to buy additional safety signage. Alternatively, hoarding can be used to advertise the development itself, the companies involved or even an investor’s business.

Care UK Hoarding Panels Construction

On the other hand, the space could be used to highlight the steps the developer is taking to lower environmental impact or how the site is contributing positively to the local community. In this way, the hoarding can act as a cost-effective alternative to a billboard.

Aesthetic appeal

One major advantage to putting imagery on a hoarding system is that it makes the site look visually more appealing and professional. Developers seeking to maximise aesthetics during construction – and minimise the impact of the site on its surroundings – might look to specify hoarding that blends in with the environment. For example, hoarding with an image of a woodland in a particularly rural location, or an image of the sea could work well in a coastal setting.

The visual impact of a building site is being increasingly emphasised by organisations such as the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS). Every organisation that is registered with the scheme commits to conforming to the Code of Considerate Practice, which has three key areas: Respecting the Community, Care for the Environment and Value their Workforce. Once a project has been completed it will be scored out of 50. If a developer optimises the use of their hoarding, regularly updating it and keeping it clean and graffiti free, they can improve their score considerably.

Our hoarding offering

Unfortunately, many developers do not maximise their hoarding and settle for plain panels or temporary fencing. Whilst this may be cheaper in the short run, developers that choose this option forfeit a fantastic messaging opportunity.

Here at Stocksigns, we can provide a full, bespoke and cost-effective hoarding service for either small independent construction sites or larger commercial projects. Our team can help to produce artwork or make any supplied artwork print ready to bring the design to life.

What’s more, we are committed to sustainable practices. When a customer approaches us and gives us the specification information such as the intended life span, length and height, we can offer hoarding that is completely recyclable. This could be ideal for developers looking to improve the environmental credentials of their projects or are registered with the CCS.

HS2-Hoarding. Stocksigns construction

Stocksigns can also provide banners that are used to cover scaffolding. This provides a lower budget opportunity to brand a site or to advertise. Rather than being thrown away, these banners can be taken down, transported between sites and re-used.

Ultimately, hoarding presents developers with a great opportunity to communicate with the public, increase their own environmental credibility and improve the aesthetic impact of their construction site. Get in touch to maximise the potential of the hoarding on your next project.

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