Surrey 3 Peaks Challenge Stocksigns Ltd

We had high hopes of jetting off to Slovenia this summer and climbing mount Triglav. Then COVID-19 came like a bat out of hell and turned the world upside down.

We want to kill the virus, but not the good fundraising vibes. So, we have put our plans for Slovenia on hold until next year.

Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity of raising money for Charity we had our very own Captain Cload (he got his name for his leadership skills on the Dingle Dash Challenge last year) come up with a gruelling local challenge for us and friends like Ropsa and more who are close to the Stocksigns group

Our event for 2020 is the Stocksigns Surrey 3 Peaks Challenge.

The route for this year, although this is a scaled-down event, it will by no means be a walk in the park. We will be walking for 24 miles taking in some amazing scenery across the three Surrey peaks and ascending a total 3342ft elevation in the same prominence as Mt Snowdon (Wales highest mountain), but it is the length that will make this a tough challenge even for a seasoned walker.

Our Wednesday walk and talk training sessions have started up again. Socially distanced of course! Some of us have been struggling with the hills (mainly myself) must be all the banana bread and cake baking throughout lockdown. Whilst other team members have been battling it out for King and Queen of the mountain on those Strava segments. Some have never been into walking and couldn’t imagine walking more than six miles have been smashing it and have a new found love for it. We have had blisters, chafing and tears (happy ones may I add) the team have had one sweaty summer of scorching training walks.

We will again split the fundraising between two charities, firstly is our charity partner, Ropsa for their brighter beginning campaign informs people and tries to prevent accidents involving young children.

We also thought it would be a great idea to donate to the NHS Charities Together. As the National membership for the NHS Charites, they represent champion and support for work of more than 140 member charities. These NHS Charites give over 1 million every day to the NHS enhancing patient experience and care.

We are all facing challenges through this tough time of Coronavirus, we would welcome any support/donation you may be able to give .

Our aim this is year is to raise £3342 the same total as our elevation for the walk.

Follow the team’s  progress on twitter with #TeamStocksigns