From ‘Keep Out’ and ‘Caution: Site Entrance’ to ‘Danger Asbestos’ or ‘Site Safety PPE,’ construction safety signage is as common as the sound of drilling on a construction site. But what happens to these essential safety signs once the project is complete? Well, many end up in landfill sites, causing environmental issues. That is until now…

Combatting the problem of landfill waste

It’s estimated that the construction industry generates around 62% of the UK’s waste and 32% of all waste that’s sent to landfill. At Stocksigns, sustainability is very important to us and at the heart of all we do, so we have come up with a solution that overcomes sending redundant construction signs to landfill. Through our Correx® Recycling Scheme, your old signs can be recycled and reused elsewhere as other products on construction and building sites.

Our temporary construction signage is manufactured at our Surrey HQ using strong, weather-resistant Correx® corrugated polypropylene sheets. These sheets are non-PVC and 100% recyclable and can be customised for your specific signage needs through our cutting-edge printing technology.

Once the signs have served their purpose on-site, they can be returned to our Correx® supplier’s recycling centre, diverting them from landfill. Here the old signage and any cut-offs from our production process are cleaned, shredded and then reintroduced into the production line.

Correx Signage Stack by Stocksigns

Closing the loop on production

This process is often referred to by the construction industry as closed loop or circular economy. So instead of manufacturing products for a single use and then disposing of them, it’s about recycling and reusing materials. This closed loop process not only eliminates waste but also reduces the environmental impact of construction site signage and waste.

Once recycled, the material from our Correx® signage is used to create temporary protective flooring for use again in the construction industry, effectively closing the loop on the product’s life cycle. This circular approach has the benefits of eliminating waste and contributing to a more sustainable construction industry.

Your partner for sustainable construction

As both a manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to mitigating the impact we have on the environment. Through innovative solutions such as our Correx® signage and recycling, we can help you to be more sustainable by avoiding single use signage that automatically goes to landfill.

Whatever your construction signage requirements, we can fulfil it in a fully sustainable way.