In the week that new statistics showed that Londoners are eating more takeaways than ever before, allergy sufferers are urging restaurants and takeaway outlets to do more to show if any allergens are present in their food.

Top chefs have signed up to a new app which shows allergy sufferers where they can eat safely, thought up when the creator’s husband suffered a severe allergic reaction in a Greek restaurant to sesame seeds. The app, Kafoodle Kitchen, information shares between restaurants and the customer with ingredients being uploaded to the cloud based app.

Since new allergen labelling legislation was introduced in December 2014, restaurants, takeaways and other food preparation outlets are required to clearly display ingredients and whether any allergens are present in their food.

Last month it was reported that two-thirds of UK takeaways weren’t up to regulation when it came to displaying information on the top 14 allergens present in food. And with the takeaway industry booming – the UK spends £12 million a week on Domino’s pizza alone – information on allergens is of paramount importance.

While we do have a new range of standard catering signs to help communicate food information simply and clearly, if you are worried about how complying with the law will spoil the ambiance of your establishment, talk to us about bespoke labelling and signage products, we can help you create signage solutions that will ensure you are compliant, will help to build your brand but most of all will help customers to make informed and safe decisions on their food choices.

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