Where to use Emergency Exit Signs

fire exit signsWhich Emergency Exit Sign to use where?

We are often asked by our customers which fire exit sign they should use where and with which arrow? This simple guide will help you to select the right signs for your premises and keeping within current legislation. The directional arrows are designed to give visual instructions of the safest route to take in the event of an emergency.

A site survey of your premises can help you ensure your emergency escape plans have the correct signage and can form part of your safety risk assessment.

Below shows the directional arrows and their meanings on Emergency Exit Signs

 fire exit signs Progress down from here  
 fire exit signs Progress forward from here or progress forward and through here. The most commonly used emergency escape sign often seen above doorways.  
 fire exit signs Progress to the right from here  
 fire exit signs Progress to the left from here  
 fire exits Progress down and right from here  
 fire exit signs Progress down and left from here  
 fire exit signs Progress up and right from here  
 fire exit signs Progress up and left from here  

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