COVID-19 Signage

Stocksigns Ltd has created an essential selection of COVID-19 safety signs to help all types and sizes of business. As we are all changing our daily habits to comply with UK Government Coronavirus Guidance, signage is becoming more and more important.

Coronavirus signs play a vital role in putting in place social distancing measures, one-way systems and improving personal hygiene practices.

Below you will see the various categories of COVID-19 signage. However, we are adding more coronavirus and social distancing signs daily to ensure the range is up-to-date with government guidance and most importantly, meet your needs to keep everyone safe.

COVID-19 and coronavirus floor signs

Never before have we needed so many signs on the floor! Floor signs have always been popular, but they have become more important now than ever. They are essential tools for putting in place social distancing measures and one-way systems, and they’re perfect for supermarkets and convenience stores.

COVID-19 social distancing signs

Keeping 2m apart from each other is a vital tactic in the fight against coronavirus. However, social distancing is not in our nature. To help staff and customers remember to keep their distance from each other, we have produced a range of social distancing signs that promote the 2m ‘safe zone’ and also restrict the number of people who can use a particular facility at any one time.

COVID-19 hand hygiene signs

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things in our daily lives, and one of those is changing the way in which we wash our hands. Washing our hands thoroughly and frequently, sanitising all touchpoints, coughing into tissues and correctly disposing of PPE is key to preventing the spread of COVID-19, and our range of hygiene signs will ensure that staff and customers adhere to these practices.

COVID-19 construction signs

The construction industry is a particularly difficult area in which to maintain social distancing. PPE is now used to protect against a virus as well as all the usual dangers. Stocksigns have created a range of COVID-19 site safety signs, designed to help construction workers stay safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus on building sites. We also offer hoarding and scaffolding signs.

COVID-19 school signs

Going back to school will not be the same as before. From nurseries and primary schools to colleges and universities, COVID-19 signage will be necessary to remind students and staff to maintain social distancing and wash their hands frequently and thoroughly. Our coronavirus school signs include floor signs, hand hygiene signs and social distancing signs.

COVID-19 foot traffic sign

As recommended by the Government and Department for Transport, temporary traffic signage will be required to alter the flow of foot traffic in order to help maintain social distancing and prevent the spread of coronavirus. In response, Stocksigns are able to provide Quick-Fit frames with standard and bespoke Class 1 Reflective signage to help staff and customers stay safe.